Sermon on January 24 about Faith


Sermon on January 24, 2021 about Faith by Monica Lundgren

Jesus says; If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ´Move from here to there,´ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. Mt 17:20 In this great and powerful way Jesus talked about faith. It is not a small subject to deal with during a few minutes. But, still, I want to say something about a definition of faith, how faith starts and how it can grow to a conviction and a power in our lives.

1. There are many shades of faith. If we say we believe, it can contain a vague assumption of something, but also a convincing knowledge. A definition of ´I believe´ could be to ´step out in the blue´ or ´lose the ground under your feet´. Faith means to lose control for a little while and then see, if we can feel the ground under our feet again.

2. How does faith start, meaning faith in God? When God is speaking to us through another person or we read something about God, we have a reaction on that. Maybe God shows himself in a very powerful way or we can hear God speak directly to us, we respond in some way. I am sure that God creates thoughts and ideas in our mind, too, and we might get a small faith. God continues to do his work in us and we have a dialogue and interaction with God and he makes faith grow in us. Our confidence for God grows. For most people there are certain times when God speaks more to us and calls us to follow him.

If we try to examine Christian faith only with facts, we will fail. Of course we need to learn as much as possible about faith, but at some stage, we must lose control – believe and accept that we deal with a God, who is so much greater than we are. Often we try to put God in a small box and define him according to our own knowledge. Then we limit him to be as small as we are. If we can accept that things, which are impossible for us, are possible for God, we have a growing faith and can believe in greater things to happen.

I will give an example from my own life. I have during some periods of my life made decisions that have given me a weak economy. I have done it because I have felt God´s calling to do so. It has been difficult sometimes and I have struggled to get enough money. One day I asked myself: is it God´s intention that my life is economically so limited? And then I answered myself: I should be able to live a normal life when it comes to money. After this expression I felt a tremendous joy in my heart. I recognized that joy from before. I have felt it every time when God has confirmed something in my life, he has said to me – that is correct. And I knew that God did not want me to have a bad economy. So I started to live as if I had enough of money. And I had! God gave me money every time I needed it. And I am sure he also reduced my costs. I did not have to repair my car during that time. But now, when I have a salary, I have to repair it all the time. Every time God helped me, my faith grew. Now I know that I don´t have to worry about money, because God has full control. But we need to lose control for a while and trust the Lord to help us. Then we realize that he is carrying us. That is the secret: God never allows us to fall or lose the ground under our feet. He carries us.

3. In that way our faith can grow and soon we can get a new definition of faith: It will be a conviction, an evidence of things not seen according to Heb 11:1. When we come so far, we have a real experience of God and faith in him. We have got new eyes that can see further and can give us trust to follow God where he is calling us. Our life will grow and will include possibilities far beyond our knowledge and ability.

Abraham is called the father of faith. He believed in God and was obedient when God called him. He left his home and travelled to an unknown destination trusting God to guide him. God promised him a son even if he and his wife were old. It was possible for God. And his children would be as many as the stars. There was an enormous result of Abraham´s life because he had faith in God, a growing faith. He trusted God, even if things seemed to be impossible.

Give God your life! Seek him, listen to him and believe in him! You will get an adventurous life full of meaning. But be aware of the mountains – they might have been moved by faith.

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